Ardine Ecommerce IPL hair removal device



La demande du client

Ardine | specialized In IPL Epilator ardine is a corporation focusing on laser hair elimination which pursuits to do away with undesirable hair sustainably. we have evolved the pulsed mild epilator to use at home without risk with a completely appealing charge / nice ratio.

Nos objectif

The aim is to create an e-commerce site based on a revolutionary device that allows long-lasting spelling using a laser technology called IPL.


Handset IPL hair removal device is the should have to remove your hair – even your ingrown hair
– with visible results in a very short time using its IPL technology . Our ultra-fast pulses light
direlty target the skin to effectively remove unwanted hair and prevent root hair growth. It is
pain-free, easy to use, portable everywhere and above all safe.

Using our IPL IPL technology, is the most effective long-lasting hair removal solution thus
far. Thanks to its laser treatment, no more painful shaving or waxing, you can now remove
unwanted hair with concrete results in only few weeks.

IPL Hair Removal handset effectively remove and prevent unwanted hair growth down to
the root. With long-lasting and visible results from the first three weeks.
The handset IPL hair removal is the best solution answer to date for anyone looking
to try laser hair removal at home.

unpainful and safe with long-lasting way using. IPL hair removal uses the Pulsed Light
Technology (IPL) which emits powerful, ultra-fast pulses of light under the skin to temporarily
disable hair follicles from being able to grow new strands of hair.

Removing hair at home :

Achieve lasting results from home is now possible with IPL Hair Removal. You don’t have
to travel back to the Clinic or the Salon. The laser hair removal device will allow you to
perform a full body treatment in thirty minutes to one hour time.

Does it hurt ?

Looking to avoid pain ? Well, IPL hair removal is the perfect handset to gently remove
undesirable hair. It is way less painful than waxing, especially in the additional sensitive
areas. When using, a warm sensation will invade your all body.

How often ought to i exploit the handset laser Hair Removal ?

We advocate to use Ipl device Hair Removal for a minimum of once per week for
the primary twelve weeks. After, you’ll be able to
use it double a month for 03 months or till you’re glad with the result. to stay skin swish
and hairless, use the
Ardine Hair Removal each 2 to three months as needed.



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